Monday, May 18, 2015

I Miss You

I made this card for Anna by her request whose son is at the combat training. She misses her son very much and picked one of my previous OWH card with Ciara's image. I met her at the dog training classes. I think she is going to send this card from her puppy named Teddy. Although her puppy is not the same breed. I wish I could find the similar image of her puppy.

She said she is not sure if he will be deployed to Africa once he completed his combat training in November. I could feel that she was concerned about it. Who wouldn't? I am thinking maybe I will make some cards for him to write back to his mom.

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  1. Nice card. If you're looking for different dog images, check out Dog Stamps Plus, Clacritter and Rubber Cottage, as they all have some nice dog images. All very realistic images. Plus Viva Las Vegas (esp bichons!). And Rubber Hedgehog are fairly realistic, with quite a few humorous/anthropomorphic images. From Laura P


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