Monday, September 23, 2013

Technique Class - Thank You card in Fall colors


I've been out of mojo for a while.  I think I was homesick when I was looking at the leaves that changed the colors.  I collected some particular ones and showed them to some people.  I realized that I appreciate more and more the nature and the life since I started card making.  There is no leave in the same colors like every card that we make is different. We create beautiful cards for our heroes and their families from the heart.  Even though we make some multiple cards out of the same design, each one is different. Because it is handmade.  Isn't that awesome?   

Anyway, I had to work very hard to get my mojo back because I had the OWH Cardmaking Party at Susan's place yesterday.  You will know, it doesn't come back instantly like when you turn on the computer (of course it depends on the computer, too).  I still couldn't upload my photo so I scanned what I wanted to share with you. 

Every one who participated in the OWH cardmaking party yesterday made and took the card after learning the techniques.  It was my appreciation for them.  While I was demonstrating the techniques one on one, I made one card each time, too.  I still have about 20 cards to complete.  These will be  AnyHero cards for the month.

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