Monday, February 2, 2015

Inlaid Butterflies - How to do

How to do: Step-by-Step photos

1. Layer in order on a Magnetic Platform: a piece of Fabric Softener, a piece of colored cardstock, a piece of wax paper and Butterfly thinlit die. Run them through the Big Shot machine.

2. Separate the Butterfly thinlit die and wax paper from the colored cardstock that is stuck to the Fabric Softener.

3. Carefully peel off the Butterfly by leaving small pieces stuck on the Fabric Softener.

4. This is what will look like once the Butterfly peeled off completely.

5. This is another colored cardstock that has taken step 1 through step 4.

6. Cover small pieces as laid on with a couple of masking tapes. Do same as this for another colored cardstock up to step 7. Note: Rub masking tapes on your clothes so that it won't be too sticky.

7. Turn over masking taped pieces.

8. Inlay each Butterfly frame to opposite colored small pieces that are stuck on masking tapes.
Cover the whole Butterflies by using liquid glue spread evenly.

9. Turn it over and place glued Butterflies on to a piece of scrap cardstock.

10. Carefully peel off masking tapes from the Butterflies.

11. Cut off the excess paper around Butterflies by scissors.

14.  Both Butterflies are ready to fly. Ready to be added on a card.

15. Final projects completed.

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  1. I understood perfectly what you said to do. Great tutorial and beautiful cards

  2. Simply beautiful and thanks so much for the tutorial. Very easy to understand, I'll be trying this one very soon.

  3. Thank you! Can this be done in a cuttlebug?

  4. Wonderful instructions, thanks so much for sharing. Wonder if I can make that work with a fat Sizzix die.

  5. Great tutorial. How do you come up with these ideas? I guess that's why you are my mentor.

    1. I was thinking about inlaying technique with letters like hello, thanks, etc.and it worked out great. Yay!

  6. Just gorgeous and such a great tutorial with pictures. Makes it sound so easy. I'll have to try this one.

    1. Teresa, it is easy and simple. Once you made one you will get ideas why this would work.

  7. Beautiful cards...thanks for the tutorial

  8. I love to do inlays. These butterflies are lovely!


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