Saturday, January 25, 2014

Photos taken at the Lucky Ranch

After Betty's SU Workshop, I dropped off my stuff at home and headed to the Lucky Ranch with Rhonda, my apartment neighbor. A little while ago, she said that she has her horse at the Ranch. I asked her to take me there one day and today was the day. I had a great fun tour at the Ranch and took a lot of photos and even a couple of videos. We had laughter out loud for about two hours. I had an extreme exercise with Pyro, a dog, who brought me a ball and made me play with him. He never wanted to stop and I couldn't keep up with him. Rhonda was surprised when I said that I never played with a dog before. Now I feel so tired.

Lovely day!
A Handsome Horse

My favorite shots...

This is "STAR", Rhonda's horse.


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