Sunday, September 26, 2010

OWH Birthday Bash Cardmaking Party in Elk Grove - September 26, 2010

We had our OWH Birthday Bash Cardmaking Party at Elk Grove Grocery Outlet today. Thanks to Kathy, Joanie, Janet, Joan, Belinda, Caro Lou, Carole, Tracy and Karean for coming and contributing to cardmaking for our heroes. It was a great fun day and nice getting to know each other, too! 

We made 275 cards at today's Party.  By adding Benlinda's, Joan's and my cards that were ready to ship, the total will be 469 cards.  We had a birthday cake to celebrate the OWH Birthday that my sister made for today's event.  I am so thankful for my husband, David's support for me. He has been patient with me and helping me a lot every time on our OWH Cardmaking Day.

I took all the photos of cards that we made today and wanted to share.

Here are photos.  Enjoy!

 * 275 Cards for OWH

 * Beckie's Cards

 * Belinda's Cards 1
 * Belinda's Cards 2
 * Belinda's Cards 3

 * Joan's Cards 1
 * Joan's Cards 2

 * Seongsook's Cards 1
 * Seongsook's Cards 2
 * Seongsook's Cards 3
 * Seongsook's Cards 4
 * Seongsook's Cards 5. Digital Image is from Designed 2 Delights.

 * Seongsook's Cards 6
 * Seongsook's Cards 7
 * Seongsook's Cards 8
 * Seongsook's Cards 9 & 10. Digital Image is from Card for Kids.
 * Seongsook's Cards 10
 * Seongsook's Cards 11. Digital Image is from OWH.

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  1. Wow, what a productive party you had. They'll be happy to recieve these. TFS.

  2. Seongsook, you had a productive day. Isn't it fun to make cards with friends and new friends? Your sister makes a pretty cake! Looks delicious!

  3. Great job Seongsook!

  4. Most impressive card count there!! I love that you are so devoted to OWH and I love several of your card ideas too. If I can remember them long enough, I'd love to case some of them.

  5. Very,very impressive! You rock Seongsook!

  6. Fantastic job Seongsook! How wonderful that you all had a fun day and our heroes will benefit from all those beautiful cards.

  7. Wow you ladies were busy! All of those cards are gorgeous. I especially love Belinda's cards :-)

  8. Oh my goodness, look at all the lovely cards. And CAKE! what's not to like? I love card making parties...we all have so much fun and it's for such a good cause. I love your cards. :)


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