Saturday, January 16, 2010

Operation Write Home Challenges

I copied this from the Operation Write Home Homefront Blog post.

"...... So for those who need a "goal" to set in front of them, here are a few ideas:

1.Missing My Kids: Create 20 missing-you cards appropriate to send to children and mail them to a shipper by Jan 31.
2.Seventeen Green: Create 3 St Patrick's and 17 Thinking of you cards (since it's 3/17) and get them to your shipper by Jan 31 - beat that Feb deadline so we can get some boxes out early for the holiday! (Lots of folks have been mailing well past our deadlines - help a shipper out by being early!)

3.TwentyTen challenge: A bigger challenge that could last you all through 2010! One month you make and send in at least 20 cards, the next 10 cards, the next 20, and so on. It's small goals that can keep us moving!"

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  1. That is one huge challenge! Your cards are adorable! I love your little image, so cute!


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