Saturday, September 12, 2009

Congratulations! OPERATION WRITE HOME (Formerly known as

September 12th is the first birthday of OPERATION WRITE HOME (Formerly known as

A poem written just for this occasion by supporter Kathy C. in New York:

OPERATION WRITE HOME is a wonderful group
Of people who really do care
The card makers create extra special cards
For military contacts to share.

These contacts distribute the cards to the folks
Who are serving abroad in harm’s way
Be they soldiers, marines, sailors or airmen
These cards really do make their day.

The beautiful cards are sent home to their friends
Or husbands or kids or their wives
They write in these cards and pour out their hearts
They share this time in their lives.

It’s a way for the warriors to stay in touch
With loved ones that they hold so dear
The messages sent are full of their love
That these families and friends need to hear.

And now this awesome group has evolved
And they celebrate a new name
Henceforth they are called Operation Write Home
But remember their mission’s the same.

They want all the warriors to know they are loved
And they want families to feel this as well
So welcome to Operation Write Home
And Cards For Heroes we bid thee farewell.

Kathy Cunningham
September 12, 2009

I made a card to congratulate on the first birthday.


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