Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Helping Heroes Keep In Touch With Home

I presented Operation Write Home today at the second day of Improving Presentation Skills training course. My presentation didn't go exactly what I was going to do in order however, my objective and goal of presentation are achieved. There was none of audience heard about Operation Write Home.  I explained what the mission of Operation Write Home is and shared my feelings for the service members who are being separated from their family and friends.
I handed out information brochures and coloring papers. I had AnyHero cards that are ready to sign and asked everyone to think about even one or two sentences to thank to our heroes. I will have total 20 AnyHero cards to be added to my box of cards to Sandy.
One of audiences said that she has a son in the Marine and appreciated what Operation Write Home does. I forgot to thank her son's service. (!)
I made this display board for the presentation.

AnyHero cards

It was a great training course and everybody learned from everybody. So thankful for being able to participate in the presentation and speak about what I do with all my heart.

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  1. That is amazing! Kudos to you. I've taught about OWH before too and one thing I've learned is that many months later, people will still remember some of the things you had to say...

  2. I knew that you would do a good job because your heart is in it. The display board looks really nice. Is there any chance that I can borrow it for my Soroptimist meeting on March 8th to use as part of getting any hero cards written?

  3. Seongsook, your display board is awesome! I am sure you rocked the presentation as I know your heart is in it, that makes all the difference.

  4. Great job on your display! I am glad to hear that the presentation went well. I have always found it much easier to speak to groups when I have an genuine interest in my subject and the knowledge that goes along with it always shows through as I am sure it did with you.

  5. A job well done...your display is just awesome...
    I know in my heart that you touched someone with your presentation.

  6. Congratulations on your time you will be even more confident tackling that hurdle. The presentation board is very nice. I am sure the audience felt your passion!!

    1. Thanks, Debbie! I like what you said, "even more confident tackling that hurdle." That hurdle, in fact, was me.

  7. What a wonderful display board and sounds like your presentation went well. You have touched so many. And you know those Any Hero notes are going to make a service man or woman just smile! Awesome job. :)

  8. Thank you, TK, for encouraging comments. Since I have seen your funny cards and felt good, I maybe take your pun card ideas to make AnyHero cards. Haha... I think I've been too serious.

  9. Great job! So glad you shared that awesome board with us.

  10. Such a nice presentation! You did a great job, and more importantly, you spread the word about OWH. And it's great that you have those Any Hero cards to send to Sandy!

  11. Your hard work is evident. Glad to hear your presentation was successful.


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