Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Card Signing: Write to a hero! Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I had a successful Card Signing: Write to a hero! event that I combined with my One Year Celebration of Card Making Club with my cardmaking friends during lunch time at work. I made about 100 cards (I lost track the exact number since I keep made cards during the event as well.) and had 48 cards signed and 8 Dear Hero letters back during the day. Some people took some cards with them so that they were going to write over the weekend and bring them back next week. We had a homemade cake, a fruit basket, and cookies (it was very good part as always.) I put the maildrop box and blank cards at my desk to have even more people can join this card signing.

It was so heartfelt experience for me. I didn't sleep much a couple of days to make those cards but I made it through and I was happy to learn that some of them are Veteran's family and they were really grateful for this event.

Since I have been participating in Operation Write Home Bloghop, I've been keep thinking why I drive myself in to this cardmaking for heroes so hard as if this is my life mission here in America. Above all, I really enjoy making cards and I want to participate in OWH because I do appreciate for all of heroes' service for our country since I settled in this country safely and happily. Also I remembered that my father-in-law, David's father who passed away two years ago, was a World War II Veteran and David is also a Veteran who served his military duty in Germany. I didn't bring this up so far because David has been so sad about his father's sudden death and it was a kind of agreement between two of us not to mention about it. However, now I think maybe that's another good reason for me to do this. When I first made a birthday card for my father-in-law, it was so humble one but he really appreciated it. I would like to keep making cards for heroes to honor him as well.

Cards signed:

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