Friday, July 10, 2009

For Tricia - my special friend in Australia

I was travelling in the US when I first met Tricia and her family, her husband Paul and two daughters Emma and Natalie, who came from Australia in New York City in April 1989. We were on the way to the Statue of Liberty by the city tour bus. They were travelling in the US for two months from the west side to the east. It was the final destination for them. Since I was working with Australian people in Korea at that time, I was interested in chatting with them. They were so open and friendly. We enjoyed the rest of tour together. We became very good friends ever since.

I visited them and she also visited us where my daughters studying in Australia and we spent a good time together. Especially I still remember how hot it was on the Christmas Day compared to the cold weather in Korea in December. It was very special experience. We went to the sea with their boat. It reminded me of seeing a Christmas card with the image of Santa in the beach holding a surfing board.

Two years ago we found out each other that we both started scrapbooking and cardmaking. It was amazing to know that. Last Christmas, she made a beautiful album for me that brought me back all those good old memories with them. This is the cover of the album. The pictures inside are so precious memories.

She is my special friend and I made a card for her with her picture in it. A message on the card is "A friend like you is an every day blessing of the heart"

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